Know how you feel strongly about another person? It's not a sense of liking'm because, figuratively, that only comes when you're in the fourth grade: you're surrounded by flat-chested, little girls who haven't gotten the opportunity to experience alla the cordial rudiments of puberty... and it's not a sense of loving'm because when you're in the fourth grade, it's quite enough to memorize your nine-times-tables. It's like buttermilk. You think, 'Ugh! Barf-O-Rama!!' when it's passed to you at the Thanksgiving table; but, then, when everyone's tried some and you feel like a loser if you don't, you try a little. Consequently, you ralph! in private behind thy life-saving-napkin and tactfully say it was delicious. Just so withe Holy Spirit. I believe She's gettin' tired; She'll ralph! to all the demigods withe nukes from NorthKorea2UnitedStates to thin-out the herd Can you handle summore morality? Getting back to my devout scene at gnarly WRHS, almost everything seemed like the novel 'Catcher in the Rye' by J.D. Salinger; nearly everyone moved like they were deathly afraid of what Big Brother might think. Was I a flamboyant, uninvited bigot to leave in the dust those fascists-in-polyester who were persuading me by their lies? Was I untaught, unread, undeceived of my once-in-a-lifetime, political escapades in the now DEFUnCT art of wisdom? Lil ol me! BoyOboy! In my dirty jumpboots and my page-zero-attitude, while it was THEM i was laughing at: seeming to blend in like roadkill, like passive/aggressive assPHalt, slowly conforming under the weight of their tires. Silly people, silly society. From High School to thy deathbed, seeming to blend in so fixatingly, so alarmingly, with nuthin' more than a caustic cry of why I was so bloody extraordinary LITTLE REALITY NEVER HURT ANYONE Another case in point: those with power are deathly afraid to lose it. Three examples. Obama's just proving to the world how niggardly he is, not to mention those factions around the world controlled by the 2%ers, those with billions, controlled by Satan, pitting one against the other in a never ending, vitriolic hatred for humanity WE HAVE SLOWLY DISARMED OUR CONSCIENCE ...till now, as we have pushed God away through the back door in hopes nobody sees U.S. Yahoo! MSNBC and whatever-lefty-servers are trying to get U.S. 'dumbed-down' by producing these super-DOOPER-ficial cannibalism, making U.S. walk-along the conveyor belt to where 'suspicion breeds confidence' -Brazil and we eat each other alive. It all starts in ed-U-ca-tion, brudda, which the BO didn't seem to fully grasp. Egad! You elected HIM??? For shame, America, for shame. Cheep-O-wiggas who wear their butt-cracks so low don't seem to realize the utmost consequence of killing our children, which brings up another, slimy point: talking 'bout edUmakation the BO lost when he disss'd the Holy Crucifix at Notre Dame O, Yeah!! That was extremely brilliant of you, mortal!!! HawrHawr Now, God's gonna remember that stupid act as with alla you Notre Damers who bow down to him. UN-wise choice, O. Again, not everyone goes to Heaven HintHintNudgeNudge