Just know my Pop went to old-sKOOL withe Jesuits, the teacher who heard Jesus speak (circa Brooklyn, NYC,1955) when we HAD morality in this nation

Anyone who takes time to think of what I deserve, cannot deny that each one of you humans owes Me more than that person can ever repay. Yet, in spite of My goodness and wholehearted love, some people still choose to walk away from Me. They refuse to follow My directions and, as a result, they fall into sin. Though I made them mortals for Heaven, they shall never see it because they're refusing to do what it takes to get there Hell was made for the Devil and his rebel angels You were made for Heaven. In refusing to live FOR Heaven, you people choose to live WITHOUT Me. Thus, you shall have your wish when you perish - you shall join the rebel angels in Hell. Very, very UNpleasant for eternity. Actually, in refusing to follow My law, the U.S. actually turns her back on Me as the fallen angels did. If that person dies in this condition, they condemn themself to Hell. The Heavenly Jury which convicts that sinful mortal, convicts their own sinful lifetime. I, the Second Person of the Trinity, merely pronounce on what they themself have chosen There's nothing on earth which can compare with Hell - beyond all description; one must see it to know it - words fall way short of the reality which is Hell I MAKE NO THREATS HERE, people. I want you to face this fact: unless you live for Heaven, you shall one day be in Hell. Stop, read, and think this URL through -Jesus 'it is only withe heart that one can see rightly; what is essential, is invisible to the eye' -the Little Prince