August 20, 2014


1. if you have moolah left-over, donate it to the person behind you (God will not and cannot be outdone, thus, giving YOU mega blessings) -or- give it to TRM; 2. git in a wheelchair even if you're able to walk and pick-up the little specks-O-schtuff on the floor at Sunday mass or at temple (precisely how all the great saints acted: they were extremely humble, never caring about what the dead-head-world thought); 3. carry your literal cross at times - what? you too scared of the big, bad world? poor thing. guess Satan's gotcha, leading you down to the Abyss where you'll wish you were dead; 4. pick-up the trash around the house and/or in your house as best as you're able; 6. don't ever watch TV anymore - I threw mine over the balcony yeeers ago (good riddance) and pray, pray, pray/work, work, work - we only have this finite existence; your TV is a tool, believe-it-or-not, for the antichrist to lead you down. don't ask the people in Hell; 8. help an old person who can't see too well git-up the curb; dress nice, even to the store, showing you care about how you present yourself to the world which helps ultra greatly when you lead people to the King of Hearts; stop and say, 'I love you' to the girly-babies. ask how old they are; ask what's their name. women looove that: to have a dude be so interested in their child, makes their day. ya know what Jesus sez, lil' ones straight from Seventh-Heaven? Almighty God loves'm, too, with an overwhelming love beyond all human understanding: precisely why you should not abort; 9. say the family Rosary - doesn't matter if you aren't Catholic: our Mother is the Queen of Humanity; 10. don't go to filthy movies anymore - except for Star Wars, VII and Lord of the Rings, of course; 11. don't do rampant abortion... or you'll pay the price sooner or later; 12. don't do the worship of Follywood - all a bigga #@!! wastea time; 14. don't forget the Divine Mercy at 3am or 3pm - a POW!erfull Way home (besides saying the Rosary); 15. I believe it to be also a POW!erfull way to build-up your antibodies: every week, once per week, drop food on the floor (I picked-up a broccoli spear off the grocery floor). why not? cannot hurt. just builds-up your antibodies; 16. repeat this prayer: 'Jesus, Mary, Joseph! I love you! Save them souls!' (repeat) ...or: 'send the Warning easy on those of U.S. who love You alone' (repeat) ...or: 'whatever You want, Jesus, is what I want' (a fantastic Way of setting your priorities straight); 17. and, puh-leeze, don't become Lolita Rich - that's truly ridiculous. What? Do her boobs look like the state of utter superficiality we're in? and the teacher goes, 'say YES, class'; 18. tell me something: where-O-where does it say anything about reincarnation in the Bible? it DOESN'T. Nada. Nil. Zilch. you got one life, pal. use it for His Glory. don't abuse it; 19. don't be greedy; don't be stuck-up like you're so much better than the rest of humanity: you're a sinful mortal who's left with only 2 options... and 1 of 'em ain't too cool after you're six-feet-under; 20. don't be a part of YouthInAsia, err, I mean, euthanasia which snoBOMBa's a whizz at; Jesus sees everything humanity does and at death's hour, there'll be HELL to pay if we haven't repented (precisely why the Warning's happening); 21. don't be a part of this world any more than you have to: be nice while you're here, don't be like Isis; respect others and their religions - only Jesus who sees through to their heart can be the final mediator 22. and don't do Mega-Fornication like the porn stars who die-out like a BlackHole; 23. racism's here to stay, white trash, and it'll only git worse under the puppet: there's 2 types of Negro's - a few who work hard, married4life, and have a very strong faith vs. the pro-jexx-kneegrow with glazed over eyes, gang bangin', whore slappin', drug dealin'; snoBOMBa loooves that kind: they're on welfare, waiting for the day when they'll have much BAGGIER pantaloons. Point is, did Jesus wear those, proud and selfish like those in Ferguson, and talk like a second grader who came from the wrong-side-of-the-trax?? Nope. Jesus talked with authority... not like them who have no respect for authority. Not even God; 24. don't do disgusting sodomy, gays. Jesus, our Lord and God, wouldn't even think of that, yet, He has mercy on the homosexuals till death; 25. before you go to bed, kids, ya gotta wanna have 2 thangs: a Rosary around your neck and a Rosary someplace on you which wards-off the killer demons - they don't stand a chance against our Mother (all of Hell cannot and will not fight her because all of Hell know they'd lose like a worthless kok that's attached to a transvestite): 'Trust in my Son and you will be shown His Great Mercy; believe in my Son’s Promise to come again and you will have Eternal Life' -our Mother; 27. and, no, I'm not pure-as-the-driven-snow; I'm a sinful mortal just as you are. if you don't believe that, Jewess, you need to pull your head outta the sand and STOP supporting the homocidal homosapien in the OpaqueDomicile; 28. yes, kids, take it from me, Mr. Super-Savvy-Sardonic-Satires-who-wants-to-take-you-for-the-ride-of-your-limited-lifetime: I saw Seventh-Heaven and, yes, angels DO fart if you ask'm, though I personally wouldn't recommend it; however, the Abyss o'Misery?? the freek'n stench of Hell is worse than a dead ho sitting outside for ten days in August... and the demons won't giveAshit if you'd not prefer to lay on toppa her. I'm as serious as Hells Angels in a rumble; 30. pray for me... because I sure pray for you: like I sed many times before, does not matter if you aren't a Catholic (when we git up there, bro, there's only One God). And what does Romans 10:10 say? Gotcha. Moot point; 31. if you put a lantern under some clothing, soon, it'll catch fire and it grows dark cuzza lack of O² - precisely the Way our society has become: if Jesus is the Source of oxygen, we have cut-off the physiology; if you go to a Lighthouse, the Lighthouse, Jesus, bringing 'ships' in, ocean liners carrying thousands of people - that ship is none other than US. absolutely nobody shall say at thy Final Judgment, coming forward with a raised hand, 'yes, I'm guilty, too; I had a part in their condemnation' if you saw what the eternal, stanky Abyss is like; 32. I think, therefore, I am: will you rise-up or descend after this learning process on earth?? only YOU can decide; 34. 'heer ye! O heer ye!!' spoke ye town Crier. 'alla ye niggs, wiggs, white trash, and high-performance-hypocrites-fueled-by-large-mouths!! lissen to us. God utterly despises proudness; God totally loves humility, yet, God's so bloody benevolent and non-judgmental, He'll put-up with our $h!t till Judgment Day precisely because He was born in a stable amidst the livestock and poop. That's how kick-ass He is. We must reciprocate by wok'n AND chew'n gum which God expects from U.S. poor subhumans (the epitome of humility). ain't too difficult, dead-heads'; 35. we THINK we can, but we cannot control God: God controls us through our free will. Think about that; 36. I heard about the seedy, diabolical vermin (33+ year olds) infecting our schools looking for sex and I gotta lotta say about that, too, coming from a trained black belt: First, if he puts his R hand on your shoulder from the back when your sitting, take your L and twist his hand (doesn't matter which hand); perfect Aikido move, make him hurt so he'll learn his lesson. when he's in fronta you walking the halls and he comes-on to you, kick-him-to-the-bawls, then, step on his head when he's down; brush-block his L hand and back knuckle him to his nose. repeat if he doesn't git the message you're not supposed to mess with a child; 37. good job, Joe! Don't be so fast to deal-out the blame, though, when our own kuntry has its own problems like abortion and homosexuality which botha youse have done zilch. perfect example of 'transverlism' (where the perpatrator blames it on another). jussay'n...

February 12, 2014

1. Who the HELL wants Hell??? Nasty darkness, eternal starvation, and Satan lies like a Persian rug. Only 2 choices after death, pal, and 1 of em ain't too cool. To win your fight, choose LIGHT, choose RIGHT. Make Your Choice -SAW 2. Meet this ex-mortal Upstairs for the most-extra-groovy, pleasure-beyond-measure, ultra-yummy-party-hardy-reality-addiction-24/7, babe, you DO NOT wanna miss Hell - it hasn't gone away: you cannot avoid it at your Final Judgment by claiming you didn't know it existed - and, yes, Satan is a LIAR. Always has been, always will be Most of the souls in the Abyss o'Misery are those who disbelieved there was a Hell -Saint Faustina (dairy 741) writes, "Today, I was led by an angel to the chasms of Hell - a place of great suffering, awesomely large and extensive; however, I noticed one thing: most of the souls there disbelieved in Hell" How do you avoid it and go to Purgatory or, in a few cases, Heaven? Merciful Word: we must forgive them, we must comfort them if we're able; Merciful Deed: any of the corporal works of mercy; Merciful Prayer: prayers for mercy for the souls of this nation and/or the world. Doesn't matter if you hate Isis. They're lost. You wanna help them find their Way? Awesome. Say a Rosary everyday for those poor, poor souls who don't have it in their hearts to be at peace. Don't ya wanna be in love with Heaven-Above where you live forever, as you may do everything in the quixotic smorgasbord?
I'm neither a Republican nor a Democrat; I stand for Almighty God precisely because God Almighty is whom we ALL must answer to at TheEnd. Ron Raygun was pretty cool.

January 12, 2010

No matter how wealthy or wise you become or what fortress or castle you superfluously encase thyself in or how much moolah thy greedy, optic nerve encompasses to live a few more years, you're still gonna croak, pal. The length of time it takes a weee gnat to swallow her weee phood, that's precisely how long our weee existence is: to-the-point of the TRI-angle when we'll be judged based on how worthy our lives were. Personally?? I have absolutely no fear of my judgment: fulla abundant faith, superSEEDinjury, and steadfastly carrying my Cross to The End, while moreNmore of U.S. cannot break-away from what the Liar sed. Nevertheless, compared to our weee lives, the TRI-angle is a deliberate incomprehensibility prepared by our Father in Heaven, towering for decillions and nonillions of eons and then summore, a rock-solid-standard of persuasion to the savvy Asians. AGAIN, like I described in our three novels, we have how long on this earth? 88? 97? 111? meeesly years? If you're as smart as I in my head injuredness, you'll see that ain't that long to decide --- Like a mighty mountain range crumbling when the lovely dove barely scrapes it on Her flight each year, that, too, is how long eternity is (to skratch down the mountain into nuthin). Amen to pi...

December 27, 2009

I Been Telling Youse For Yeeers...

IMMENSELY INTENSE, informative, insightfull, truthfull, and, dare I say, entertaining. That's sooo common knowledge: millions of souls are RUSHING! STORMING!! Hell in their stupidity, thinking, 'ain't no place, bud - how could God love charcoaling people?' by preferring to live lives the way YOU wanna. America, if you don't believe in one, you're more than likely to fall into Hell - please don't stick-yer-head in the sand AND/OR delve into a man's excessively bawdy, cheezy bunghole in S/M (I know exactly what some gays do - my Dad counsiled'm in psychotherapy [there's a Way out, homosexuals, or any person who wants to break-free]). Remember: there ain't no coming back if you don't like it, as well as there ain't no going to Hell, either, once in Purgatory much less the Delightfull Realm: 1. Love thy God alone, 2. Love thy neighbor non-sexually, and 3. Pray the Holy-Roller-Rosary daily --- But, alas! The SuperEgo!! is already here I'm afraid: humility coupled with meekness is a by-word, a paltry saying taken out nightly withe poultry to be slaughtered: a methodical, unctuous progression to WWIII funded by both the Masons and our insufficient, vainglorious prez. I'm more than ready to be a martyr Objects like the Rosary, Saint Benedicts medal, HolyWater, Crucifix... are considered holy simply because we liken them to what's in store for U.S. in the Great Beyond, not because idolatry dictates the way which we behave. The four expressions above are set apart FROM the profanely, powerLESS polluted world by the Trinity precisely because God's not part of this world, yet, the world isn't separate from Him precisely because the earth only exists through God. Understand?? The Trinity's a Gordian enigma - we'll only begin to understand God for eternity in Heaven; God also surpasses U.S. infinitelyNmorally, and compared with His, our existence is only like dirty snow thrown into a hot oven, for our lives depend entirely, ultimately on His Will - focus on Jesus in this wee existence. Every - one of U.S. deserves Heaven, and rightfully so - Hell was made for the Devil and his dagnasty angels, but not all of U.S. achieve the sanctity or humility needed in this Lifelong Demise. Hope me does. Again, focus, focus, focus on God, not on the world Help is always here: Want Heaven, doya? Pick-out two, hefty piecesOplywood, k? Cut'm up, glue'm tight, let'm dry overnight, and ta-da!! Reeeeel easy to enter Paradise: just gotta wanna. Begin now: GLORY2GOD!!! Jesus came not to bring a sporadic, fermented piece of e-harmony, not to assuage like a wussmaster and be all swiss-cheese-like; Jesus Christ came to divideNconqueer, divide the masses along the toughness of thy mind - anyone can have BIG biceps as you're listening to Blue Oyster Cult at Maximus (that's weeek); to derive/drive the Way Home, to illuminate the astute, too, and be a voluminous anchor to those hardcore people who only wanna live for the death of diplomacy, the inauguration of something invincible, the Greatest Expectation: the resurrection of the Renaissance. Jesus came to be a wooFMaster: He'll blow - you - away, toots Be ready!!

November 04, 2009


If sow bugs loooooove to crawl under rocks to find safety from the world, I guess I'm a total-rolly-polly and Jesus is my ROCK: HOW LONG IS ETERNITY? Say the universe is as long as California (N2S), k? Furthermore, say the literal number 999999999... ran ALL the way upNdown that state in a Papyrus font. That alone would make anybody's soul pleased PRECISELY because you know FOR A FACT, JACK, that numeral would eventually come to an end, finally reach the epilogue. Not so with Hell: we ABHOR with a passion the horrors of the damned, just lookit SAW, yet! a lot of U.S. have an over-yearning, hatefull-weight of Jesus that both psychosomatically, psychologically deters us the satisfaction of knowing we're at peace with our Creator. Thus, the latter outweighs the former: the Liar can and will 'play' that to our detriment - he hates YOU with a passion, too, and SAW is forever, dude HOW LONG IS ETERNITY?? Our existence is exactly like a TRI-angle, however large or small our finite existence is, and the base is earth where we were born. Coo, baby. Everything's sauve and cool. Yet, as you grow older, the TWO sides eventually meet, the TWO ultimately converge, or it wouldn't be called a TRI-angle, it'd be called a wreck-tangle like what happened to us. A triangle grows together, nevertheless, the TRI-nity: exactly how God wants it, that's how God made us. Who can argue and fight the DudeMan?? Can you? Wow. I'd love to see you kick-His-ass. You're nuthin... more NUTHIN' if you sin. Better be humble, kid. You're not all that. Nevertheless, a stopping point is decided for all - our mortal demise. My point? Dunno. Just like toking bout TRI-angles because they're very mortal; we can rise-up into the hourglass for eternity!! And what a lovely hourglass She is --- In your Finite Existence, pick wisely wherest thou goest, k? Ain't no comin' back if you don't like it ('cept for moi, aussi and how I, through God's grace, will rescue souls from Hell, one-by-one [women first] - takes forever, man, because I gottawhooooolelotta lovin' to do Upstairs). And, believe-you-me, you won't after three seconds or less. God'll sayeth unto thee, 'Son, you made thy choice' Unbelievable how I see young adults who only lookit the superficial, never bothering to see the genuine, the substantial, adamantly refuse to look inside in this lost, forsaken CULT-ure of idols on your wimpy, god-like-TV. God does love U.S. passionate-ly; however, that doesn't take away our FREE WILL to turn away, descending into the passionate flames - whatever WE choose for our eternity, the Trinity will graciously bestow upon U.S. The blessed will not care what angle they're regarded from, having nothing to hide -W.H.Auden

June 25, 2009

Jesus again...

Few things in this earthly life are absolutely certain, the most undebatable of these is death. Every person, even the atheist, will admit this much. Death, however, is not the very last event in this life of yours. Right after death, you shall be judged, thus, the judgment will depend on how you lived this earthly life of yours If you have honestly done your best and followed the Commandments of the Trinity, you shall be rewarded with the perfect life of Heaven; if, however, you have disregarded My loving directions and refused to make use of My generous help, you shall be condemned to Hell - Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell are the four last things toward which you're moving closer to every hour of the day or night --- They will never frighten you if your conscience is clear; if you love God in your daily, Finite Existence, you should have NO REASON to fear Again, death, with all its uncertainties, is a fact Where will you be? On My left side or My right? Think about this and discern. I love you I am a God of Infinite Mercy, yet, I demand Eternal Justice My child, in a little while this earthly life of yours will be over. Just how ready are you to enter into the next? -Jesus 'be brave in carrying thy cross/be courageous in suffering for sinners/love poverty' [in spirit] --- A few wealthy people who know where they're going, they're taking the Up escalator; they don't let wealth/greed be the Be All, End All in our wee-wee, Finite Lifetimes. How do I know? How do I arrive at this difficult, trigonometry conclusion? Son, I lived it, I lived through death, I saw the other side - far beyond magnificent. Read our blog and you'll reach this certainty, too: Que cera cera - what Pontius Pilate sed when Joseph of Arimathaea asked for His Holy Body, too, I believe.

June 22, 2009

Just know my Pop went to old-sKOOL withe Jesuits, the teacher who heard Jesus speak (circa Brooklyn, NYC,1955) when we HAD morality in this nation

Anyone who takes time to think of what I deserve, cannot deny that each one of you humans owes Me more than that person can ever repay. Yet, in spite of My goodness and wholehearted love, some people still choose to walk away from Me. They refuse to follow My directions and, as a result, they fall into sin. Though I made them mortals for Heaven, they shall never see it because they're refusing to do what it takes to get there Hell was made for the Devil and his rebel angels You were made for Heaven. In refusing to live FOR Heaven, you people choose to live WITHOUT Me. Thus, you shall have your wish when you perish - you shall join the rebel angels in Hell. Very, very UNpleasant for eternity. Actually, in refusing to follow My law, the U.S. actually turns her back on Me as the fallen angels did. If that person dies in this condition, they condemn themself to Hell. The Heavenly Jury which convicts that sinful mortal, convicts their own sinful lifetime. I, the Second Person of the Trinity, merely pronounce on what they themself have chosen There's nothing on earth which can compare with Hell - beyond all description; one must see it to know it - words fall way short of the reality which is Hell I MAKE NO THREATS HERE, people. I want you to face this fact: unless you live for Heaven, you shall one day be in Hell. Stop, read, and think this URL through -Jesus 'it is only withe heart that one can see rightly; what is essential, is invisible to the eye' -the Little Prince

June 18, 2009

Know how you feel strongly about another person? It's not a sense of liking'm because, figuratively, that only comes when you're in the fourth grade: you're surrounded by flat-chested, little girls who haven't gotten the opportunity to experience alla the cordial rudiments of puberty... and it's not a sense of loving'm because when you're in the fourth grade, it's quite enough to memorize your nine-times-tables. It's like buttermilk. You think, 'Ugh! Barf-O-Rama!!' when it's passed to you at the Thanksgiving table; but, then, when everyone's tried some and you feel like a loser if you don't, you try a little. Consequently, you ralph! in private behind thy life-saving-napkin and tactfully say it was delicious. Just so withe Holy Spirit. I believe She's gettin' tired; She'll ralph! to all the demigods withe nukes from NorthKorea2UnitedStates to thin-out the herd Can you handle summore morality? Getting back to my devout scene at gnarly WRHS, almost everything seemed like the novel 'Catcher in the Rye' by J.D. Salinger; nearly everyone moved like they were deathly afraid of what Big Brother might think. Was I a flamboyant, uninvited bigot to leave in the dust those fascists-in-polyester who were persuading me by their lies? Was I untaught, unread, undeceived of my once-in-a-lifetime, political escapades in the now DEFUnCT art of wisdom? Lil ol me! BoyOboy! In my dirty jumpboots and my page-zero-attitude, while it was THEM i was laughing at: seeming to blend in like roadkill, like passive/aggressive assPHalt, slowly conforming under the weight of their tires. Silly people, silly society. From High School to thy deathbed, seeming to blend in so fixatingly, so alarmingly, with nuthin' more than a caustic cry of why I was so bloody extraordinary LITTLE REALITY NEVER HURT ANYONE Another case in point: those with power are deathly afraid to lose it. Three examples. Obama's just proving to the world how niggardly he is, not to mention those factions around the world controlled by the 2%ers, those with billions, controlled by Satan, pitting one against the other in a never ending, vitriolic hatred for humanity WE HAVE SLOWLY DISARMED OUR CONSCIENCE ...till now, as we have pushed God away through the back door in hopes nobody sees U.S. Yahoo! MSNBC and whatever-lefty-servers are trying to get U.S. 'dumbed-down' by producing these super-DOOPER-ficial cannibalism, making U.S. walk-along the conveyor belt to where 'suspicion breeds confidence' -Brazil and we eat each other alive. It all starts in ed-U-ca-tion, brudda, which the BO didn't seem to fully grasp. Egad! You elected HIM??? For shame, America, for shame. Cheep-O-wiggas who wear their butt-cracks so low don't seem to realize the utmost consequence of killing our children, which brings up another, slimy point: talking 'bout edUmakation the BO lost when he disss'd the Holy Crucifix at Notre Dame O, Yeah!! That was extremely brilliant of you, mortal!!! HawrHawr Now, God's gonna remember that stupid act as with alla you Notre Damers who bow down to him. UN-wise choice, O. Again, not everyone goes to Heaven HintHintNudgeNudge

June 15, 2009

Hear ye! O hear ye!!

Just imagine, if you will, God and the raggedy, black-sheep sitting `round the campfire, dusk is approaching, shootin' the shit, cuttin' the crap, eating yummy fish and stale bread SUDDENLY, JUDAS LETS ONE RIP!! Not to let his clothes katch fire, not yet anyway, Jesus sees the explosion, He hears the flagrant, robust expulsion, as the Most High waits till a sufficient distance has elapsed before asking them if they'd like to see an optilogical spectikle of the Highest Magnitude, as the ripe phart rises, slowly dissipating into the Israeli atmosphere --- If the apostles farted as much as I do, which you know some of 'em did, wouldn't it be a COMPLETE scream if Jesus lighted 'em with a Word?? Wonder if He'll do that in Heaven - pro'bly, if us mortals asketh Himeth HawrHawr Sulpher, common in our flatulations, has a extremely HIGH combustion rate, a very great possibility He did. Betchur BOTTOM dollar the apostles had a fun time in the wilderness HeeHee Buncha hot-air, huh? You and i know they did, so lighten-up about religion.
God's a "Most Excellent Dude"
(softly caressing their air guitars)

May 27, 2009


All a matter of who you gonna believe PROBLEM: "My people, your days of sudden roadblocks at night will be starting soon under the pretense of security for terrorists or drugs. This will then move to martial law that will control all of your major highways, trains, and airports. Chips as smart cards will then be required of everyone along with your fingerprints or eye scans. It will not be long after smart cards are made mandatory for everyone, that chips in the body will then be required AVOID TAKING CHIPS IN THE BODY EVEN IF THEY THREATEN YOUR LIFE! This will be close to the time of the antichrist's declaring himself in control (like Iran to be Amas). Then, you should ask My help and your Guardian Angels will lead you with bikes to avoid the roadblocks with a physical sign to the nearest refuge of My Blessed Mother's apparition sites, places of Holy Ground, or even caves in places with hills and mountains DO NOT BE FEARFUL because I will provide you with shelter, water, My manna and even meat as I did in the Exodus. Some will be martyred for My Name's sake, but the rest of My faithful will be provided for. Trust in Me to save your souls and do not trust in anything from the evil ones. My victory over evil will come shortly after the antichrist comes to full power. You may suffer in this SHORT time of tribulation, but your reward with Me will be far more valuable than any earthly possessions" -Jesus Christ, King of Kings SOLUTION: Stop driving, start biking!! Go for a trip around your block; go for a two miler, a three miler, a five miler; go for a ten, 20, 55, 117 or more. Jesus never sed salvation was easy. Be tough, be ready. Be like the Minutemen in 1777 when we loved our country. Now?? Never!! We all have our own greedy agendas of perpetual nonconformity, pushing people to-and-fro, continuing on in our turbulent, Finite Existence, steering our SUVs like we own the planet. And, sure enough, why, there's Fred Phelps, prostituting Christianity in error and dissent!! --- Sound comes through our tight windows, right, even when there's no possible way to? So it is with faith. God is a God of the impossible, yet, with faith, you can do anything.

December 01, 2008

Pray for U.S., Padre Pio

A woman who had an abortion met Padre Pio. She said, “I never knew abortion was a sin.” He replied: “What do you mean, you didn’t know that was a sin? That’s killing… it’s a sin, a great sin.”

Padre Pio’s devotion to the Virgin Mary was rooted in the truth that Jesus specifically wills such devotion. Jesus chose to come to earth through Mary. Similarly, Jesus chooses that we come to Him through her; for her soul magnifies the Lord. As Scripture teaches:

“And Mary said: My soul doth magnify the Lord: And my spirit hath rejoiced in God, my Savior. Because he hath regarded the humility of his handmaid: for behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed. For He that is mighty hath done great things to me.” (Lk 1:46-49)

One night Padre Pio was sitting alone in a room absorbed in prayer when an old man entered and sat next to him. “I looked at him but never thought of how he managed to get in the friary at that hour. I asked him: ‘Who are you? What do you want?’" The man answered: "Padre Pio, I am Pietro di Mauro. I died in this friary on September 18, 1908, I'm still in Purgatory, and I need a Mass to free my soul from it. God has given me permission to come to you and ask for your prayers." After I had listened to his story, I said: "You can rest assured that I will celebrate Mass tomorrow for your liberation.”

One time someone asked Padre Pio how Purgatory could be avoided. He replied, “By accepting everything from God’s hand; offering everything up to Him with love and thanksgiving will enable
us to pass from our deathbed to paradise.”

October 06, 2008

Camouflage Is a Dirty Word

DEAD WRONG to murder a child!! Like shooting your child point-blank as he comes outta the womb: blowing a gaping hole in his head and watching him die, squirming and writhing in agony, as you place the gun back in the holster, you feel relieved, don't you? You feel like a great burden has been lifted withe death of thy son, don't you? As the life quickly seeps outta his now-ugly-cadaver, you breathe a sigh of relief, knowing you'll never again haveta feed him at 3:20 am or give him Medicare. AND, yahoo!!! You simply walk away!! Everyone of U.S. who supports the ghastly process of infanticide is a literal subhuman!! IT'S NO LONGER A CHOICE BETWEEN VIOLENCE AND NON-VIOLENCE IN THIS WORLD; IT'S EITHER NON-VIOLENCE OR NON-EXISTENCE -Dr. MLK, Jr.

September 27, 2008

Didactic Strategy!! part II

When lecherous, vampire mosquitoes SUCK through that lengthy proboscis, on finding their 'pay-dirt' (yummy blood), that immediately sends a chemical to their bloody brain and, thus, they start feeding U.S. potent toxins put into our system in the form of a small, raised welt. Nadda problem? Yep. Nadda problem. But, alas, when mosquitoes numbering over one hundred hit my bloody back at Yellowstone, Wyoming, as I felt when I was sleeping in our killer Winnebago when five, when the Devil succulently creeps into our society and softly whispers a transgression is fine, he takes another and another bite outta our immortal soul My bruddas, if you wish to live well, spend the remaining days of life with death before thy eyes -Saint Lawrence --- The Liar is so MuthaTruckin crafty, so sly that he's verrry grassroots like John Q. Public's yard; he gets down deep into the roots of our culture so we don't know anymore where the stalk is, the leaves are, and even the cranium to give Glory2God. Needs fixing verrry fast. Satan is very skeptical of us, too, as he ridicules us from his hole and looks down? upon the human, Pamplona people, anxious to searchNfind error in mortals, following them closely to the grave; soliciting all sorts of calamities on us, Satan is to the destruction of a weak-kneed, weak-minded humanity a virus that can never be healed without the Trinity's help. Lookit George Sorrows: his billions and billions cannot save his soul. El Diablo is a perverted, pessimistic agent, lurking behind hate and disordered, juxtaposed sarcasm whose enmity for people is based on terrible jealousy Organized atheism is thus a projection of self-hatred; no one hates God without first hating themselves -Fulton Sheen --- If we lookit our immature indecisions, however, we find there are certain centrifuges, like our Mother, who has a Holy Cross on her womb, which will spin each of U.S. in the right direction; to 'pull-us-out', soda speak, of going downhill and/or going sideways on our wide-angle, spiritual mountain and toward the logic behind the Almighty, making religion very, verrry attractive God bless you

September 25, 2008


We have a state of delay after our demise, a realm of preparation and reparation in God's grace, for sHe doesn't wanna lose another soul due to our stupidity in that exacting latitude below the earth, which we shall be free from someday - Purgatory. No, God Almighty did not say, "Tiller, my son, you may slaughter babies by partial birth abortion and burn them in the furnace while they're still writhing." Not everyone goes Up, America. Remember that and thou shalt never sin mortally. Doesn't the Divine Law of Karma/Catch-22 say, 'whot comes around, goes around'?
Lemme explain SADDAM INSANE How can you justify murdering thousands of your own people by gassing them? By slowly rolling them over with steam rollers, starting witheir feet so Saddam could hear them scream? By torturing them till death? Isn't rape torture in those rape rooms? And what of that semen from him and the guards in those girls? He orders the guards to kill those young girls withe sperm still inside, right? Thus, you're killing the girl and the hundreds of babies (not to mention Uday and Qsay). UNbelievable. I seeeriously doubt he went to Heaven. Totally cruel. You cannot without Purgation if they took the Up escalator "O yeah?" sayeth God. "Watch this." sHe huffed, sHe puffed, and sHe blew his worthless house down with our F-16s. SSSmokin', baby
Another example of why we must Purgatory for salvation, HUGH HEFNER Do you, America, think God's gonna simply overlook all the airbrushed lovelies he's screwed-in-the-head over the years and admit that recumbent mortal into Heaven after he croaks? N O T. That's one more of the reasons why we must 'pay-up' for our free will choices. You're askance, Hef; whot you need is some 3D glasses. Err, I mean, the third mystery of the Glorious Rosary, the Descent of the Holy Spirit who gives discernment to all who ask. Isn't abortion basically a matter of personal freedom? Didn't your hot Bunnies ask you for some extra cash to kill which you both impregnated and provided, Hef? QUESTION: Why, then, do we have the Abyss of Hellfire if all our sins are forgiven in this Finite Span of existence? You think just because Jesus forgave U.S. at Holy-Roller-Baptism we're going straight to Heaven when we breathe our last? N O T. ANSWER: I read and researched, through a lot of study, deep below the earth, there's realms of differing levels, nearer to Hell for those whose sins demand a greater punishment by God because, after Baptism, we did them with our own free will... and, of course, less for good behaviour. God's ex-tremely fair: you get whot you paid for. Funny to me how some religions never have a state of preparation for contamination before we enter the Utopian Paradise "Wall, sheeet, Paw. I done rekkkon thay'll find out," sez Billy-Jo-Bob from Arkansaw.
Yet another example of why we MUST have Purgatory for salvation is FRED PHELPS and the Phelpcites You're just causing more hatred and contempt when the world doesn't need any more hatred and contempt at this present hour FACT: You're never gonna change them with violence, though, a smile does wonders. Ever think of that? Pro'bly not. Pro'bly don't think too much - old Freddy and his pseudo, paralytic church are a contemplative, collective depravity desperately distorting the truth.
As I was riding to Assumption one day before yesterday for 5 o'clock Mass, I saw a homeless dude, thin, scrawny, just outta jail, begging on the sidewalk. I asked him if he'd been Baptized for entrance into the Kingdom. Ummm, no. Nadda prob, but you must have some water for the RITE of Baptism. And, yes, I can certainly baptize because 1. I'm a staunch Catholic, 2. the apostles did, following orders from God who gives freely, and 3. more importantly, if there's a dying person and you're the only one there, you must. You do want them in the Kingdom, don't you? If God's no respecter of person's, pal, neither am I. Looking around, I spotted an almost empty, beer bottle, baptizing him with Canadian beer.
"Yo! Don'chu gimme no jivetok, Jesus," I'll sayeth after I croak. "Water is water, baby. Don't matter if it has hops. I hopped right to his salvation, dude."

September 21, 2008

A long, long time ago...

in Punxatawny, PA, when I was staying with my uncle before they called him away to Pittsburgh in the seminary, I wanted to start my own dojo (Japanese: karate school), all dressed-up in my old gi, new black belt, and sat, stroking my chin, wondering how I could attract them precious, lil' youngins, knowing I'd have to do something totally insane and stupendous to appeal to them to stop by my RongWay dojo I'll eat some worms!! Yeah!! Yummmy!! I rushed off the hilltop to fetch me a shovel with my John Belushi/Animal House/"What am I?" as he was standing o'er the joks table Hot-dog!! Boy, you shoulda seen those kids!! Eyes wide, their jaws dropped, BIG mutha nightcrawlers, wriggglin and ferocious, very hard2hold with my deathgrip. Yep. That did it. They - were - appalled. Worms have protein, right? HeeHee I ate five, didn't bawrf, lived till morning. Whew. Thank you, Jesus --- PS Withe economy on the precipice, I think it'd be a verrry good idea to eat worms when you're out of food. Not very filling, but if you eat many of 'em, nutritious, delicious, crunchy with nuts. Do I?? I eat pasta. Same thing.

A Farmhand's Foolish 'Faux-Pas'

America today? In complete disarray. Both parties, especially the Democrats, tried and failed to 'save-some-face' by putting God on the back burner for political gain Wrong Our blog, our obtrusive stalWORDS. "I AM thy only rightful where," sayeth the Lion of Judah. "I AM thy only rarest sight. Learn to live together, without alla those whips and tethers, for yourself and your fruitful vine; that isn't what I had in mind for you, without alla that super-glue" --- When I was only five-years-old in jolly kindergarden, the teacher couldn't believe it; I read every, single, large, print book in that teeny, tiny library. Knowledge is POW!er, not disgraceful, hateful violence which might putcha in Hell if we perish withat on your soul, for violence is basically hatred of your brother: John 15:18-19 The reason Almighty God permits some suffering to come into our Finite Existence is precisely this: to see which direction we'll fly once we die given the teachings of Jesus' morality --- So, get off thy can, America! Quit showing-off thy gluteus-maximus downstairs!! Capture, congeal, collate! Yes, try the demo, too! Don't you wish everyone could have a demo lifetime? To see what becomes of us? Wouldn't you pick only the finest, the best? You can, ya know. Just gotta believe, bud. God'll take care of the rest --- As the glorious Day draws near for a few and the Darkness of the Eternal Night swiftly approaches for most, do whot I do in your own lifetime - pray, fast, give, repent. Use the time well that remains for both your own salvation and that of others who don't know how to struggle withe challenges of the 'Divine Comedy'. There are only TWO banquets submitted to humanity, TWO invitations we may take part in. But, yet, there ain't no food in incendiary Gehenna, only nasty clay and filthy water if you find any. May have evaporated. Wonder why --- You're standing and staring at the Guggenheim in NYC. Tall, huge, weird, preponderous, modern-art-genre-thang with many neet-o levels fulla neet-o objects. Could get lost inside. Take you forever to explore. Might never be found again. Whew. Time-out. Got bad brains. Feeling dizzy. Gotta... see... a neurologist. And that's just on the outside. As you're walking in, prepared to meet this provacative onslaught, you notice how some twigs have fallen to the earth, very short, very dead, very brittle. Realize the correlation yet between Heaven Above (the Guggenheim) versus the twigs (our lives)?? Yes, I realize I'm painting a pretty bleek picture of our longevity; however, you must also realize that whot I say is the axiomatic, objective TRUTH: we'll all be dead someday, some of U.S. more deader than Janet. And dat da fak, Jak. Don't you love your conscience typed-out? --- PS Reminds me of Pink Floyd's heavy LSD use: " ... you rearrange me till I'm sane." God doesn't use drugs, God only uses B/W relevance; Heaven Above is our drug, and what a bloody, marvelous high that is, mate. Who does in the opposite realm? Who uses the ending world to smooothly seduce, leading you to the Abyss, where ya won't find any lights? Think about that. I know you gots a large, gray matter between the lot o'youse.

September 19, 2008

Am I then become your enemy because I speak the truth? -Galations 4:16

Hear ye! O hear ye!! Of whot great honor, O swarthy person, are thy worldly satisfactions which so very offen lead U.S. into mortal sin withe very great opportunity of Eternal Damnation??? Jesus simply Divinely Judges you; He didn't do your ghastly vice which has spread like the black plague, He didn't decide on which way to vamoose 'apres la mort' - WE decide which realm we'll reside in at death's hour; WE decide up or down. Connect the dots, pal, to see the regurgitated [a-hem] of the Liar The truth shall set you free!!! but, yet, most of U.S. don't wanna hear the Truth, WE prefer deceit and vanity. That's exactly why many of U.S. die an eternal death in the Abyss of Hellfire --- Just as Heaven is above, Hell is below. Whether you wanna believe in the Abode of the Damned, makes lil' difference to me. We've tried. Can't save'm all. Lookit, just because you don't wanna believe the earth is round, doesn't disprove its reality; just because most people, before this brazen blog came out, didn't know the location of Timbuktu, as Fr. F.X. Schouppe points out, they say it doesn't exist. A purely mythological place fulla pink elephants?? WRONG Africa. Mali. Niger river. Again, would a gang-banger be so stupid as to believe there ain't no juvee jail for their crimes?? Would they not enter into it for believing it ain't there?? See the futility of atheists?? When this lifetime is over in the time it takes God to envision Himself without you?? --- Think, dude. Think of alla the luxurious PLEASURE you can have for ETERNITY.

August 31, 2008

Hey, you, Jeff Spikoli...

Gotta reset the table, folks; gotta change the silverware into plastic. Those knives might kill someone. Seems few people know how to choose RIGHT from wrong, left from RIGHT anymore. The Masons, a cover for something far more sinister, tells the uneduacated, "Fine to have an abortion! To fornicate! Take Seealis - make your prick seeable!! Only thing that matters!! Have anal sex! Do witchcraft and worship the moon!! Fall in love with your car!! The Abyss is cool!! All you do in Heaven is play a harp for all Eternity!! How boring" Actually, all your myopic visions are wrong - it takes faith and trust, something you're never gonna have unless you grow-up and turn-off the world coming at you through thy TV. Fewer still have the moxie to tok about anything other than their own perverse perversions in psychotherapy "Resistence is futile!" screams Freud. The common refrain? "Pay up" Only money. Only thenselves. Much less schizophrenic Satan who we've quickly and quietly pushed-under-the-shrinks-sofa in this age of the SuperEgo; in this era of sex and violence, we think absolutely nothing of mass murder. Is abortion any different? --- Control, control, control. What I had to learn for my black belt. You want Heaven, don'tcha? Rather than the other, stanky place? Think a second, G-man. If you FALL into the Confessional regular and repent like me, a sinner like you, you'll avoid the FALL that ends in death. You aren't independant, America. I'm CO-dependant with God. God made U.S. God shall demand an account of your Finite Existence when I perish. You do, too, though most of U.S. are in a state of denial. You think you're independant. Thus, pride works its way in. Whot was the Devil's first sin? Pride --- Yes, my Lord God is much stronger than granite, as mighty as a whole mountain range; yet, as soft and lofty as the whisper-thin-wings of a butterfly. God's much stronger than this weeek planet (we're only here for a weeek). But, yet, there's one thing God's a wimp over - our free-will. That's precisely the reason so few of U.S. anymore 'rise-up' outta the grave. We ain't robots, folks; we have a pee brain. And if that pee brain, controlled by the chip, tells U.S. to turn-away from God at the Last Second, God'll respect that as He'll do anytime with free-will --- A better Way home is this: if you wanna change both your life and what this once, mighty country believed in, other than the 'trés-laissez-faire' capitalism that's rotting our souls by corroding and nullifying our culture by wasting-away our youth GOTTA BE AN 'ANIMAL-FARM, MTV, WHITE-TRASH-CULTURE!!' We built it up; we had our fun at the expense of God's planet. Now, we must take it down; like a pinata, a snake among snake charmers, subliminally hiding amidst the LEFT, waiting ever so patiently to strike and poison our country beyond repair, hear me, BO?? Gosh, most of U.S. bow and scrape before the LEFT!! This abombination-like-god which might go off at any second, elevated to new heights --- If you'll help destroy whot we have all come to believe is right through reading our blog, I have the missing link between our Lord and humanity: purity, not necessarily perfection. Know whot my Treason was? I put a T before 'reason' because that's precisely the Cross i to bear as a believer CONFORMITY IS THE CATALYST OF MATURITY PS While slow as Calvary's victorious soil am I, slightly more of a procrastinator than the slovenly slug I am. Loitering on the clammy corner of their greasy-spoon, turning events over and over in my et-cetera mind, much like a TV dinner caressed far beyond the reality of soul-food, the world, the momentum is out there, somewhere Upstairs, haunting me, taunting me withe desire to be something which I can't put my middle finger on. Every time I forge ahead to be a staunch loyalist, I fall back to the intersection of a turncoat. Wow. Gee. Darn. Guess I'm mortal after all. We went to the Great Beyond in a tiny Spitfire, but only I fell outta line in a pragmatic parachute, more dead-than-alive, captured once again by the world gone blind; perhaps Janet's precious star in the twilight is my cue, but I'm far too mortal to glue the pieces back. Grrr --- Just as Milton in Paradise Lost justified captivity to the truth, so I wanna express the monolithic Rock of the cathedral pointing to Heaven rather than the Abode of the Damned, for they know not whot they do, subsisting on live prey. Like an anti-establishment aeroplane, I WiseAbove to where she's waiting. You should, too. Don't let this worthless society now lead you to ruin, where the emphasis is on ME, ME, ME!!! SKREW YOU, dude!!! Whateva. I won't be waiting around for you. Gotta party, girly. Look me up, k? Cool. [clik]

August 27, 2008


Ever wonder how I turned-out so blessed by the Almighty?

37 HOURS !!!!!

Betcha can't go that long. Betcha fifty dolla. Betcha in TEN, WHOLE, MINUTES (w o w) you're blabbin' about the transitory once again. Betcha. How mucha wanna?? There's always Pay-Pal, sly. You simply don't wanna, refusing to lower yourself like a subhuman who can't tok; you can't stand to be without your precious, over-priced speech, refusing to lower your costly EGO to acknowledge the Higher Power which you very well know is above. You wanna be a five-star, girly-man on wheels with your MeatMan tucked in thy jeans. Ya gotta live fast, dude!! Lay lottsa women!! Die young of AIDS!! ...if that's not the epitome of stupidy. Yet, this is precisely what our now-society, who focuses on the ME, ME, ME objective is telling U.S. I won't be joining you. And why not?? The two words 'mortal sin', should you perish, and you shall, don't look too well plastered all o'thy soul. Most people in Poland think that's stupid --- Of course, sed the Source, no one wants damnation. No one. Those who think they do, the Liar is called that precisely because he is one, a GIANT dumbass HAWRHAWRHAWR Again, that choice is entirely yours; you can most certainly goto the Abyss o'Misery forever, nobody's stopping you, but woe unto you, anathema. Just as God never sends anyone Downstairs outta spite, we do! We make the grievous error of following the Liar of the world; we make a decision with our free-will to reject Jesus at the Last Moment, a decision that'll last forever and a day, a decision the Liar welcomes with joy for he wants to gain ANOTHER soul due to your novel, cretinous unenlightenment --- Where were we? A-hem. Know whot I did for more than five, bloody years? Know how I learned mega-patience, [im]maturity, wisdom, security, the ability to croak for another person at the drop-of-a-hat, and a plethora of other neet-o adjectives? Know why I'm such a risque iconoclast?
37 HOURS !!!!!
Follow me close on my spell card. Good. Now, do it five, whole, years. Yes, in public and in school!! On the Southern Illinois University campus. On the job. With gorgeous girls in bars. Ouch. At the House o'Voodoo withe angst punk-U-ations. Sitting in my cage, talking to Debra. They call you all sortsa nifty, tasty things, like a cohesive fool. Dats... gud... yes?? Like Pavlov's dogs, awaiting their scrrrumptious treat? Ah, the glorious life of a modern-day-martyr. Too bad there ain't more like me Boo-Hoo Keep me far, far away from my sardonic satire, please. After 39 years, nonetheless, I cycled twice from here to there, made a killer URL and a hot-dog-blog, and finally let go of the rule of law withe screw-on-lid, gravity, soon to get a Harley Low Rider to pass'm out to distant cities --- As I sed in the not-so-distant-past, when events are slowly coming to a close, winter's swiftly approaching, and I'll be jamminNrockin with Steve Miller Upstairs long before you know it, I don't wanna make a name for myself so much anymore. I used to, when I was a random, atomic cluster; I used to, when I felt a literal nausea at alla them cheezy, Jeee-sis freeks; I used to, when I was completely surrounded by passive/agressive coppers who were just itching to start something and 'habeas corpus' my attitude; I used to, when I was young and naive, riding 88 miles to a far, far distant shore; I used to, when the cows came home after a long, hot day of mooing at the system, when I heard the Hells Angels were in town and wanted everyone to avoid the dark. Yeah, it was a long, hot time ago, fulla ferocious compassion --- Funny thing is, I had a Cabondale (IL) Community High School English teacher who sed, get this, I - was - destined to become a writer. In my teens nonetheless!! At seventeen!!! You aren't serious?! You cannot be serious?! He knew, of course, because I had become so prolific with my crazy, alphanumeric device, he sed to me one day after class, "Son, with alla those thots running 'round thy head, you're gonna write a novel someday" Gosh, if he wasn't correct - three of 'em. Here's to you, Pops --- So, let's not make excuses anymore, America; starting now, let's see who's got the moxie in this country. If eye can for more than five, freekin, years, certainly you can for 37 wee hours. Or, go right ahead, subhuman!! Be one of the few, the proud, the marine-life!!