Hear ye! O hear ye!!

Just imagine, if you will, God and the raggedy, black-sheep sitting `round the campfire, dusk is approaching, shootin' the shit, cuttin' the crap, eating yummy fish and stale bread SUDDENLY, JUDAS LETS ONE RIP!! Not to let his clothes katch fire, not yet anyway, Jesus sees the explosion, He hears the flagrant, robust expulsion, as the Most High waits till a sufficient distance has elapsed before asking them if they'd like to see an optilogical spectikle of the Highest Magnitude, as the ripe phart rises, slowly dissipating into the Israeli atmosphere --- If the apostles farted as much as I do, which you know some of 'em did, wouldn't it be a COMPLETE scream if Jesus lighted 'em with a Word?? Wonder if He'll do that in Heaven - pro'bly, if us mortals asketh Himeth HawrHawr Sulpher, common in our flatulations, has a extremely HIGH combustion rate, a very great possibility He did. Betchur BOTTOM dollar the apostles had a fun time in the wilderness HeeHee Buncha hot-air, huh? You and i know they did, so lighten-up about religion.
God's a "Most Excellent Dude"
(softly caressing their air guitars)