All a matter of who you gonna believe PROBLEM: "My people, your days of sudden roadblocks at night will be starting soon under the pretense of security for terrorists or drugs. This will then move to martial law that will control all of your major highways, trains, and airports. Chips as smart cards will then be required of everyone along with your fingerprints or eye scans. It will not be long after smart cards are made mandatory for everyone, that chips in the body will then be required AVOID TAKING CHIPS IN THE BODY EVEN IF THEY THREATEN YOUR LIFE! This will be close to the time of the antichrist's declaring himself in control (like Iran to be Amas). Then, you should ask My help and your Guardian Angels will lead you with bikes to avoid the roadblocks with a physical sign to the nearest refuge of My Blessed Mother's apparition sites, places of Holy Ground, or even caves in places with hills and mountains DO NOT BE FEARFUL because I will provide you with shelter, water, My manna and even meat as I did in the Exodus. Some will be martyred for My Name's sake, but the rest of My faithful will be provided for. Trust in Me to save your souls and do not trust in anything from the evil ones. My victory over evil will come shortly after the antichrist comes to full power. You may suffer in this SHORT time of tribulation, but your reward with Me will be far more valuable than any earthly possessions" -Jesus Christ, King of Kings SOLUTION: Stop driving, start biking!! Go for a trip around your block; go for a two miler, a three miler, a five miler; go for a ten, 20, 55, 117 or more. Jesus never sed salvation was easy. Be tough, be ready. Be like the Minutemen in 1777 when we loved our country. Now?? Never!! We all have our own greedy agendas of perpetual nonconformity, pushing people to-and-fro, continuing on in our turbulent, Finite Existence, steering our SUVs like we own the planet. And, sure enough, why, there's Fred Phelps, prostituting Christianity in error and dissent!! --- Sound comes through our tight windows, right, even when there's no possible way to? So it is with faith. God is a God of the impossible, yet, with faith, you can do anything.