A Farmhand's Foolish 'Faux-Pas'

America today? In complete disarray. Both parties, especially the Democrats, tried and failed to 'save-some-face' by putting God on the back burner for political gain Wrong Our blog, our obtrusive stalWORDS. "I AM thy only rightful where," sayeth the Lion of Judah. "I AM thy only rarest sight. Learn to live together, without alla those whips and tethers, for yourself and your fruitful vine; that isn't what I had in mind for you, without alla that super-glue" --- When I was only five-years-old in jolly kindergarden, the teacher couldn't believe it; I read every, single, large, print book in that teeny, tiny library. Knowledge is POW!er, not disgraceful, hateful violence which might putcha in Hell if we perish withat on your soul, for violence is basically hatred of your brother: John 15:18-19 The reason Almighty God permits some suffering to come into our Finite Existence is precisely this: to see which direction we'll fly once we die given the teachings of Jesus' morality --- So, get off thy can, America! Quit showing-off thy gluteus-maximus downstairs!! Capture, congeal, collate! Yes, try the demo, too! Don't you wish everyone could have a demo lifetime? To see what becomes of us? Wouldn't you pick only the finest, the best? You can, ya know. Just gotta believe, bud. God'll take care of the rest --- As the glorious Day draws near for a few and the Darkness of the Eternal Night swiftly approaches for most, do whot I do in your own lifetime - pray, fast, give, repent. Use the time well that remains for both your own salvation and that of others who don't know how to struggle withe challenges of the 'Divine Comedy'. There are only TWO banquets submitted to humanity, TWO invitations we may take part in. But, yet, there ain't no food in incendiary Gehenna, only nasty clay and filthy water if you find any. May have evaporated. Wonder why --- You're standing and staring at the Guggenheim in NYC. Tall, huge, weird, preponderous, modern-art-genre-thang with many neet-o levels fulla neet-o objects. Could get lost inside. Take you forever to explore. Might never be found again. Whew. Time-out. Got bad brains. Feeling dizzy. Gotta... see... a neurologist. And that's just on the outside. As you're walking in, prepared to meet this provacative onslaught, you notice how some twigs have fallen to the earth, very short, very dead, very brittle. Realize the correlation yet between Heaven Above (the Guggenheim) versus the twigs (our lives)?? Yes, I realize I'm painting a pretty bleek picture of our longevity; however, you must also realize that whot I say is the axiomatic, objective TRUTH: we'll all be dead someday, some of U.S. more deader than Janet. And dat da fak, Jak. Don't you love your conscience typed-out? --- PS Reminds me of Pink Floyd's heavy LSD use: " ... you rearrange me till I'm sane." God doesn't use drugs, God only uses B/W relevance; Heaven Above is our drug, and what a bloody, marvelous high that is, mate. Who does in the opposite realm? Who uses the ending world to smooothly seduce, leading you to the Abyss, where ya won't find any lights? Think about that. I know you gots a large, gray matter between the lot o'youse.