Am I then become your enemy because I speak the truth? -Galations 4:16

Hear ye! O hear ye!! Of whot great honor, O swarthy person, are thy worldly satisfactions which so very offen lead U.S. into mortal sin withe very great opportunity of Eternal Damnation??? Jesus simply Divinely Judges you; He didn't do your ghastly vice which has spread like the black plague, He didn't decide on which way to vamoose 'apres la mort' - WE decide which realm we'll reside in at death's hour; WE decide up or down. Connect the dots, pal, to see the regurgitated [a-hem] of the Liar The truth shall set you free!!! but, yet, most of U.S. don't wanna hear the Truth, WE prefer deceit and vanity. That's exactly why many of U.S. die an eternal death in the Abyss of Hellfire --- Just as Heaven is above, Hell is below. Whether you wanna believe in the Abode of the Damned, makes lil' difference to me. We've tried. Can't save'm all. Lookit, just because you don't wanna believe the earth is round, doesn't disprove its reality; just because most people, before this brazen blog came out, didn't know the location of Timbuktu, as Fr. F.X. Schouppe points out, they say it doesn't exist. A purely mythological place fulla pink elephants?? WRONG Africa. Mali. Niger river. Again, would a gang-banger be so stupid as to believe there ain't no juvee jail for their crimes?? Would they not enter into it for believing it ain't there?? See the futility of atheists?? When this lifetime is over in the time it takes God to envision Himself without you?? --- Think, dude. Think of alla the luxurious PLEASURE you can have for ETERNITY.