Didactic Strategy!! part II

When lecherous, vampire mosquitoes SUCK through that lengthy proboscis, on finding their 'pay-dirt' (yummy blood), that immediately sends a chemical to their bloody brain and, thus, they start feeding U.S. potent toxins put into our system in the form of a small, raised welt. Nadda problem? Yep. Nadda problem. But, alas, when mosquitoes numbering over one hundred hit my bloody back at Yellowstone, Wyoming, as I felt when I was sleeping in our killer Winnebago when five, when the Devil succulently creeps into our society and softly whispers a transgression is fine, he takes another and another bite outta our immortal soul My bruddas, if you wish to live well, spend the remaining days of life with death before thy eyes -Saint Lawrence --- The Liar is so MuthaTruckin crafty, so sly that he's verrry grassroots like John Q. Public's yard; he gets down deep into the roots of our culture so we don't know anymore where the stalk is, the leaves are, and even the cranium to give Glory2God. Needs fixing verrry fast. Satan is very skeptical of us, too, as he ridicules us from his hole and looks down? upon the human, Pamplona people, anxious to searchNfind error in mortals, following them closely to the grave; soliciting all sorts of calamities on us, Satan is to the destruction of a weak-kneed, weak-minded humanity a virus that can never be healed without the Trinity's help. Lookit George Sorrows: his billions and billions cannot save his soul. El Diablo is a perverted, pessimistic agent, lurking behind hate and disordered, juxtaposed sarcasm whose enmity for people is based on terrible jealousy Organized atheism is thus a projection of self-hatred; no one hates God without first hating themselves -Fulton Sheen --- If we lookit our immature indecisions, however, we find there are certain centrifuges, like our Mother, who has a Holy Cross on her womb, which will spin each of U.S. in the right direction; to 'pull-us-out', soda speak, of going downhill and/or going sideways on our wide-angle, spiritual mountain and toward the logic behind the Almighty, making religion very, verrry attractive God bless you