Camouflage Is a Dirty Word

DEAD WRONG to murder a child!! Like shooting your child point-blank as he comes outta the womb: blowing a gaping hole in his head and watching him die, squirming and writhing in agony, as you place the gun back in the holster, you feel relieved, don't you? You feel like a great burden has been lifted withe death of thy son, don't you? As the life quickly seeps outta his now-ugly-cadaver, you breathe a sigh of relief, knowing you'll never again haveta feed him at 3:20 am or give him Medicare. AND, yahoo!!! You simply walk away!! Everyone of U.S. who supports the ghastly process of infanticide is a literal subhuman!! IT'S NO LONGER A CHOICE BETWEEN VIOLENCE AND NON-VIOLENCE IN THIS WORLD; IT'S EITHER NON-VIOLENCE OR NON-EXISTENCE -Dr. MLK, Jr.