Texas Rangers

So, as the years skipped-on-ahead to meet the Father of Time, so they go with my digital alarm clock: Janet was so loud and operative when sHe turned her off, so thin and bright in my darkened room when sHe pulled the plug. But, yet, I'm still finding a place in my restricted existence, the ineffectual frustration of my Adversary; my body, growing older in my lifelong trial, has more-or-less destroyed the impulses of the flesh in my rising toward my Final Resting Place. Her mighty parents, while still living in Topeka, gave this mortal the badge she wore. And I, of course, lost it due to my CERTIFIABLE DUMBASSNESS, preferring never to be reminded of that horrible day when both of us croaked... or something as calamitously, cohesively stupid as that. Sorry, Jaybird. Dunno whot I was thinking. Pro'bly wasn't --- Now, I guess I'm like the late, great Karl Menninger, another fabulous rocket scientist, err, I mean, neurologist who wrote several books; I guess I'm ahead-of-my-time in thinking outside the boxcar. This blog is 'trés avant garde', if I do say so myself; the premise is deep, the underlying current fast. Be careful. Don't wanna be run over by the train-of-thot HeeHee 'Fabulous', quite frankly, is so much more palatable, more flamboyant than the original, correct spelling, which leaves you guessing as to whether they were certifiable, as 70s Menninger's put YOU first (now, bot by a multi-billion-dollar institution in Dallas - seems everything revolves around moolah and power. W O W. How certifiably boring). So, when dirty avarice slowly crept in to set up shop at the Foundation, my Papa was one of the few to have any morality; when things didn't change, when he saw them going down the slippery slope to the Abyss, he took a hike to Nigeria to become a brudda, not a priest because he HAD moi. He sed, "See ya! Wouldn't wanna be ya!" Go, Pop, go! Guess they taught him well at Brooklyn Prep - God and i? We write with a gentle descent from Heaven Above, a striking enthusiasm which helps U.S. face the puzzle of this absurd, polka-dance; the Trinity's parables of blatant humility, together with my lengthy yarns of our obnoxious existence, are way, waaay cool. Our two insurmountable, mortified souls, our upbeat, measured slang, have many mansions to ROCK, YOUR, WORLD, baby, in this blog. Yes, you may certainly question my motives as the paramount of narcissism - be my guest to conquer the west, but only I have the philanthropic panacea (basically 'giving a cure-all') to bestow that which is truly mine alone: my smile, given to this sinful mortal by the Captain Divine -or- Creative Doctrine (yet summore names for the Trinity) --- We're created in the Great Beyond by the CD, who plays over and over how much sHe loves U.S. then, oddly enough, we're sent to earth as a test to see which direction we'll fly once leaving the nest. How bizarre. How bizarre. Yes, I can most certainly see why having notta lotta consciousness in every activity both pleases or offends everyone, including the Trinity. I'm also cognizant of the HUGE obstacle many of U.S. have in 'toking-shop' with our most merciful, loving, indulgent Father, though withe realization/spread of secularization and rationalism which is drowning-out the Holy Cross in this New Age of Free Thot. I can certainly see why: modern, romantic culture can lead to the complete psychosomatic dismissal of the Heavenly Kingdom on thy deathbed. Better re-read our blog before thou shalt croak, my just and worthy liege. Lemme remind you of this: "Religion is the peak of human education" -Pope Paul VI... should be IV, growing up WahahahaWahaha (a-hem). Whether you choose to believe that quote or not, is totally up to you which is free choice --- You have never, I seriously doubt, nor do I think, shall ever meet a young man as VERBOSE and/or VEHEMENT in his penmanship as the one writing this piece; you'll also find fewer than the lovely! LOVELY!! lil' bug who crawled across my page at the outset of my titanic endeavor - a young man who's this compassionate to the decay of the human race, rich in tolerance in this dayNage when so many of our young people are so completely unconcerned about where their souls are headed. Don't live for the world!! Everything's Upstairs in God's largess --- To insure proper use of your Finite Existence, please retain these instructions for future reference. Thank you. Satisfaction guaranteed -Sotto Voce