Do I stutter?

Which brings me to one of my final points, Eternal Damnation. Like it or not, you may be confused about the power and/or wisdom of the Trinity. I assure thee, coming directly from Heaven Above, Eternal Damnation does not mean God rejects an individual, but the individual has freely chosen to reject God. Therein lies the difference. Understand? Why-O-Why would God Almighty choose to reject you??? sHe made you! sHe loves you! sHe wants to be with you forever, doing alla those wonderful, exciting things I mentioned and more! But, yet, at death's hour, we must choose; if you haven't chosen, the time is now: tomorrow holds our demise --- For many of U.S. Christ the King isn't on the edge of the universe, nor is God further than the east is from the west. Jesus is fully present in our Blessed Sacrament which is right down the street. Are you gonna deny the Creator of the Cosmos a five-minute-visit every Sunday? The Maker of YOU has a lot of extra-large-graces to give U.S. --- Same withat BIG, FAT bear (Grizzly Adams): he's pro'bly a long time dead by now. You're pro'bly smarter, BIG, FAT bear, with your instinct than most humans. See the similarities between a dead show, a dead bear, and a dead lifestyle? Slow-down, lil' one. Most of U.S. aren't as wise as Janet and I precisely because you haven't seen the other side of the curtain. Think an hour. Or several. I'm totally confident you know how to think. Zilch-O-rama-Obama, baby, is whot the Abyss o'Misery is gonna be like: no sex, no soul, absolutely no security without thy 401K, which burned up BTW, demons burning you 24/7. Bummer for eternity --- Far too easy to think, 'If I don't confess in this life with a heart fulla contrition, I'll be resurrected again as a... a TADPOLE! YEAH!! ...or something.' Again, whot you do with thy lifetime determines thy eternity (and, no, we don't have many, many lives; Christ didn't die many, many times. S'up withat??) Better do a Lamaze class to be prepared for whot comes out; study and smell thy baby in our queer, rumpus room we have made, subconsciously realizing we aren't getting too far by playing with morality. Could be mortality. Yep, going to the Otto shop are you, buster, with a sick automobile. Only thing most people care about --- That's why it's extremely important to be counted for nothing on this world - you get high-marks if you're nothing: the losers of this world, the pariahs, refusing to be conformed to this planet without any right or wrong (just makes me stronger, dude, able to resist your potent 'poison'). God wants to tok to you about whats to come, the fabulous KingDome. Don't you wanna have riches beyond counting, girly, wealth like the raindrops?? You can, sweetheart, if you lissen to His call --- Therefore, we must re-read the signs around us: the violent youth, the gangs, the loud tail pipes at 1:45 am, the white-trash-clothing, the drugs, the MTV, the killing of our children, the music, the fornication, the gays, the Masons/Illuminati running our government, BOs controlled like a puppet... heading for the Towering Inferno because we refused to listen to our parents, our teachers, the law, the Pope, to God. Think a second, pal. You have the moxie to admit you're a sinner, standing in line under the prying eyes of the congregation to receive repentance? Some people do. Most of U.S. don't. They're too scared. They lissen to the world. I suggest crawling back up into the birth canal. Don't fit?? Hmmm. How sad you aren't small enough --- Whether you choose to believe me or not, very wise to consider the possibility of eternal torment through your choice; the Liar has absolutely convinced U.S. he doesn't exist, so we can go on sinning and breaking God's heart. Nope. Can't fool me. How can there be good without evil? People who go through life hating and spewing rotteness wherever they go without punishment at The End? Is God Almighty that capricious to accept our sins in Heaven Above without acceptance of our free-will-guilt below?? How can there be Paradise Upstairs without Fire-In-The-Hole Downstairs?? That would be very, VERY unfair to make poor people go through this life with nothing, while the wealthy have everything, and admit both in to see Him when they perish, as if God's a cruel Master who beats His slaves. Here, I bequeath of thee, lookit me. To have freedom-of-choice (our priority) without the freedom to damn ourselves, too (our priority), would be totally unfair. We all have the opportunity to inherit Upstairs, only a matter of how you choose to spend thy weeeee, Finite Existence on earth that determines where: having morality, taught by your parents, which involves YAY! listening? in church? on the streetcorner, selling meth? in a whorehouse, screwing up? (how I'd like to make love in Heaven: I'd wanna be completely ENGULFED by Her, wrapping my legs around Her, being on the bottom, and botha us screaming) feeding the poor? robbing the poor? ... Jesus isn't gonna save you against your will, however. To doubt the existence of the Abyss is to doubt the INDELIBLE Word. But, yet, abortionists and homosexuals scream, 'Who would want to believe in a god who's that cruel? Who punishes with Hellfire for eternity?' Ah! You cannot have both! Change thy actions FIRST and you'll see with conviction LATER --- Again, God didn't have to let this sinful mortal survive me bogus fate; however, I personally know if you don't tok too well, the opportunity for deadly sin is greatly diminished, if not completely. Why? Girlies/young men, who have their estrogen/testosterone greatly UN-balanced while they're in High School, of all places, where they shouldn't have it, where sex is so much part of their curriculum now... see my point?? Thank you, God, for taking away my speech in High School (grrr).