Let's start withe small-print, High-School-jok, saying, "O, baby," as he's preparing for psychological fornication, "I'm so hot, even the sun gives me her raise" --- Case in point. Cho at VT didn't do it on his own, he had help - hateful antipathy. I'll play the Devil's advocate by saying just as a fishy cannot swim backwards, Cho was ruthlessly tortured phychologically and physically for several years to where he blew up. Enough is enough. He went backward. You should've remembered Columbine, guys, but did you?? Too hilarious to torture the foreigner!! You're so big and bad, huh? You're totally dead. Serves you right. I'll grant you, jockyshorts, he was only half the problem; dost thou knowest, perchance, who was the other half? --- Many eons past, before I got my black belt in only four and half years which was fast but I came nearly 24/7, I used to think, "Should I just bow down as the Samurai did their emperor or what?" I had numerous experiences withem picking on me all through High School; the people who're so insecure, they think they have it all together just because their family has some dough, especially at WRHS, usually works the other way. Very depressing how society works today before the Return of the King - absolutely no excuse for that childish behavior when you're trying to learn and expand thy mind "Fighting?? Wong!! Belt only good for holding pants up!" as the late, great Bruce Lee would say as he got off the boat in gay SF; later, though, "Fighting only good for self-defense." Yeah. What I thot, too. "Discipline the violent." -Isaiah 1:17 --- Toking 'bout wisdom and discipline, jok, and you're very ignorant, I have some good news for you!!! Lucky dog!!! Ever since my dear Grandmama (God rest her soul) dropped me on my [bleepin] HEAD when I was two, there followed a plethora of events that eventually led to my whole hearted belief the Columbine, Colorado tragedy was an exceptionally necessary factor in our human experience. Love the loser, people. Be friends withem if only in school. Janet did. I do. Those who have their sights set on Heaven do. Grow-up, jokhole. Don't put'm down. And don't ever kick-their-ass, Jack. It may make you feel like the Big-Shot, scatter their books all over as you knock'm down, but what's that gonna prove? --- Within those four walls of cliques, cults, and carnal conformity, you better act your age or something horrible may happen. And don't pretend like it wasn't you, joks, who did that killer deed at Columbine. You were most DEFINITELY the catalyst. Got it, mr. KnowName? Or do I have to ask your Mommy if you can play on the merry-go-round? Real men don't push people around; real men don't get so puffed-up witheir stupid hypocrisy their pride takes control. Guess you aren't a real man after all. Why don't you sit on the potty summore. It seems you have PMS. See a head-shrinker, too. My shrink friends can get you a lobotomy real easy. Your mommy can pay. She's sick of your worthless drinkin, druggin, whorin. Re-read "Do I stutter?" if you don't wanna be cast-out into Hell (yes, God damns twelve-year-olds who, withe knowledge of Eternal Paradise/Eternal Misery, choose to screw-with-God anyway) The hottest places in Hell are for those people who, in a time of national tradgedy, are in a state of denial -Dante's Inferno