My reply to the question on high? A lil' dirt can't hurt; actually, it'll help build-up your antibodies. I'm totally out-of-order, like a pinball game; I'm a gross violation-of-custom, like my heartthrob came-and-went - she departed like a delicious, hot french fry. I guess God gobbled her up. Quid pro quo!! Truly, I sayeth unto thee, I'm an oddity, yet I'm a rarity. I'm the reliable ignition, I'm the traveling rendition, I'm the exception, no exceptions. While I'm wholly exclusive, I'm so all inclusive. I'm like a diamond in the middle-C of Mozart, as I'm highly uncommon were you to sigh, but, yet, you must have pocket-Change to buy --- I'm very YooNeek in the pouring-rain. I'm the question mark. I'm the vision of the mundane. I am the Lewis and Clark. I'm a treasure to but a few, yet, somehow, someway, sometimes I wear different coloured sox. Gosh, how many? Read the directions, ya cement head. Get it? Don'tcha lose it. I been git. And I been had. I'm a freeloader. I'm a bloodsucker. Ain't I a rascal? Ain't I a short exaggeration? I am youth. I am truth. I am uncouth. I'm just a kid! I want summore jooth!! While I'm discerning, I'm still learning. Yet, I'm still yearning to be in Heaven Above where I shall ride bikes, balloons, and stoic, bastion-like-bugs to banquets for my Beloved --- I'm a zit-popping wild-one, rock-hoppin' under-the-sun, and a trail-blazing non-conformist when I'm all done (withose totally bitchin', crimson Converse [way-cool, UK Subs]). Yes, while I'm called the Navigator, I'm also called the flat... LATER, dude! Did someone start a fire? Oi! He smells like sulpher!! Bloody good show, mate!! Been called Deadline, BarbWire, Roachpuss, Wurmgloo, and a whole macabre slew of others I left behind beneath my world view gone blind; another first name for a young woman? Gail. Second name? Force, by me, of course. Sigh. Who else would have the gall to name'm all? I dodged freight trains, state sanity charges, and gorgeous women. Dude, that's gotta change with my deluxe-delve stuck in this world gone tame! Superficial wounds? Yesser. I'm custom-built and well-groomed. And do something useful with your time, will ya? Iron those skkrrreemin' slacks? --- I did the Black Flag gig/MDC/SocialD and have the mountain giant beat, but, at the hour of our demise, God bless U.S. with your proper matress size. Truly, I sayeth unto thee, I'm in my own, lil' world. Knock, please, before entering. Just goes to show ya. Though I'm head injured, I'm far, far from it; actually, I'm nearer to the Trinity, rather than the stankin' world which holds me sure and fast by her gravity. It's a jungle out there, folks, and I'm ready to play, Janet: guess that's why God loves me so much. Yes, ma'am. Whew. I'm ready. I'm ready to go insane. Hold-on.