Hello! My Name Is... mel A. noma

Just as you cannot grow something transitory on the living, which is whot our Mother is, living, you cannot without being humble. I'll giveth unto thee another example. Trees are basically green, right? And money is basically green, right? So, why doesn't money grow on trees? A-ha! Again, you cannot grow something transitory on the living! Besides, she's much more interested in our soul, the highest pieceOproperty each one of U.S. owns. Think about that, delve deep into the immovable and, while you're pondering the vivid manifesto of magenta, the history of planet earth is teeming with instance after incidence of good works, good people dispised by those who knew them. When you realize you know another fully, we become a bit insecure, precipitous to being effected by erroneous verdicts. Unfortunately, that very bias in labeling and, therefore, limiting the vast capability of others is our downfall, whether figurative or otherwise --- Yet, I, too, will continue to be an obtrusive prophet, thank-you-very-much, no matter whot the 'Vox Populi' happens to surmise in their cowardly, hitNrun assumptions and scare-tactics, their stereotypical mold of what a head injury consists of --- YOU MUST LONG FOR HEAVEN, BECAUSE THIS IS THE SAME AS TO LONG FOR ME AND IT GLORIFIES ME; SUBMERGE YOURSELF IN ME IN LIFE, AND YOU WILL BE ENGULFED IN ME IN DEATH -Christ Jesus