SAY YOU DECIDE to mope around and watch worthless TV your whole life at your mom's house with a lil' porn thrown in on the side when she's not looking, wouldn't that be your choice? Does God have anything to do with it?? God'll warn you and warn you, asking U.S. to change our ways and look up where He'd like for us to go, but, YEAR-AFTER-YEAR, we either work or don't, sweating, slaving, toiling, or doing nothing. It all adds up, dude, good or bad, some more good than others, some more bad than others when we stand before Jesus WHEN WE PERISH, however, we receive a grade on our conduct/deeds in our Finite Existence, like a PSAT test A FEW PEOPLE receive an A+ (Mother Teresa, Max Kolbe, Janet Irene [martyred so I could live - that's mgirl: she had bawls; sad how many joks WHO'RE MEN! don't]). Why did they receive such an outstanding mark? They were humble, patient, loving, understanding, and did whot Jesus instructed, receiving the Eucharist daily I'd imagine WHILE SOME RECEIVE: B+, C-, or D, or anything in between, going to the dreaded P-word for cultivation, Protestants - Heaven's the next stop BTW WHILE SOME EVEN receive a big, fat, F minus - don't wanna go where they go. What's gonna be your grade, America? With my loving Jesus and loving mortal humanity, MY grades gonna be a BIG-OL A MINUS withe enthusiatic red marker - though, I'd imagine I must go through Purgatory for alla the venial sins I've'nt remembered --- Nevertheless, for those who truly want the Great Beyond, as I do, lissen to wisdom, please: God'll put U.S. through some trialsNtribulations to pruneNtrim as what a GoodFather/GoodHumor does; but then, when God sees we won't be shaken from following the NarrowPath no matter how tough our weee lives seem to be, He'll reward us both hereNnow and in the hereafter. So don't ever lose faith, girl. Keep on keeping on till you see Jesus face2face. Know that I love you and I'm praying for you, too, as I pray for U.S. Know, too, we'll have a HUGE party on the drawbridge to MY Big-Ol-castle Upstairs, dancin' and partyin' till the next year or TEN years. We got eternity, miss. Re-read this if you feel down. Things'll change, as things always do. And never say never, girly. If you know how much I love you, I'd travel all the way to where you are to kiss your feet. That's how much God loves U.S. That's how much Jesus loves YOU. Don't give up. Raise your head and say three words, "Help me, Jesus." I DON'T ever want you to commit suicide. That's a total cop-out. Remember, God Almighty loves you. I don't have any idea why, no idea at all, why there's peer pressure. Just say, 'Screw you, dudes. I ain't part of you if you wanna hurt me.' Take the bus home. Leave'm. Time for new friends. And if nobody wants you? Screw'm. YOU got the whole company of Heaven Above to rely upon, sis; however, YOU must have some BAWLS. If you don't have His picture, you have an arm, right? Cool. Make the Sign of the Cross and move-on on thy journey (you believe in the Father, right? the Son? and the Holy Spirit? that IS universal no matter WHAT religion you belong to) --- While pack-mules are certainly toughNstubborn, they have about a 25? IQ. Don't follow them. Don't follow anyone living for themselves or the world; they're the species of ostentation. Wiseabove, girlfriend. Perhaps they'll grow-up, perhaps not; nevertheless, if you're looking through the fa├žade of vanity, move-on. I'll meet you on the other side. Again, why follow mortals who'll croak?? Rather, why not look beyond to the Glory Upstairs forever? Gonna join me? BE AT PEACE.
'pugnis et calcibus'
Latin: 'with all my strength'
(I pledge to You, sweet Jesus)