Hear ye! O hear ye!!

You might need a cell phone for this delicate maneuver --- Stand outside some bar some Friday night in the summer when there's drunks coming out (better go in a group). When they fumble around to get their keys, FIRST, ask'm if they'd like for you to drive. Fair enough? Totally fair. Most, if not all, will flat-out refuse, saying a string of caustic vitriol, poifectly kosher for those in that state SECOND, if they're really drunk, offer to help them get their keys in the lock. They cannot decline. Fair enough? Totally fair. Then, when you have their keys, hide'm and call the coppers; if they try to ruff-you-up, lay'm to waste. Might have to call a paramedic to deal withe overkill --- DRUNKEN PEOPLE usually don't have too much sense anyway if they wanna be in that state in the first place; you're doing them a delicious flavor by making them think while they're in jail. Actually, you should be proud, not haughty, by wiping-up the gutters from their killing kind - and the coppers will definitely respect you. You pro'bly saved a life or several by your heroism --- I never had a loved one die by a drunk, but they were sure speeding like they were. At least they didn't hitNrun. That's honorable, Mark. You'll get rewarded when you perish. I know. God doesn't make trash.