Desires in Heaven:

I dreamt about this when I was in Craig hospital, Colorado, months after my trauma, under alla those physical contraptions and heightened pain; it was a Way to 'release' myself, distance myself, soda speak, from the literal world who'd caused this, a 'prescription' to set my mind at ease because I knew where I was going after I perished. Didn't wanna stay here - we all move-on following our Divine Judgment. I just had to mortify2fortify for a time, which continues to this day. God will have TRILLIONS more, of course, but this is just the tip-O-iceberg of what will happen to those who accept the Trinity, love thy neighbor, and live according to the Rules set down, which isn't difficult. Let's begin 1. Pile onto a magic-carpet to take-off with my HoneyBun; we'll fly to the stars, coast around the atmosphere, and, finally, we'll land to ski down a mountain 10X higher than K2 in shorts, doing moguls, flips, skiing-backwards, and whatever comes naturally; there'll be a large, log cabin with smoke already coming from the chimney, as we'll wok inside to a sauna/hot-tub or a cozy, sub-basement for hot-chocolate or pina-coladas, as there'll be a 'faux-bear' rug on the floor, scented candles, and a baby grand which we'll play a duet. Or we'll love on a boat in the middle of nowhere: the rockinNgrindin are quite soothing. Or both. Couches in abundance for us to love for hours and hours and, outside, a blizzard coming down, slow and easy in Big, Chocolate chunks. We'll definitely cuddle. Staring at the WonderWoman on earth is the ultimate because I know just whot awaits at the chateau and, of course, sed the Source, the opposite for the opposite sex. So, young men, don't screw-up, literally and figuratively. Yo ain't gonna live fo'eva 2. We'll dive into the fresh-water, Pacific ocean, only four-feet-deep in the middle, as a stilt house a ways from shore will be our destination, where we can climb up after we swim-out under a 69-degree-sky (wherever we step on the ocean floor, there'll be cement for a bottom - can't God do anything??) - clouds, seagulls, turtles, turqouise water. Beyond beautiful. After we get cleaned-up, after we climb the stairs, my Sweetheart God and I will play, kiss, snuggle, and many, many other wonderfull, delicious things, like, she'll have one sizeBbosom for OJ, the other for vodka 3. If we wanna swim for long stretches underwater? Nadda problem. God Almighty will POW!! fix us with gills; then, when we're back on dry land, She'll POW!! give us our lungs back. Sounds crazy? If you have the desire, anything is possible Upstairs; while for those who're only ready for milk from the breast, this isn't for you 4. I'll come to the yard outside Her mansion where I'll park my Godspeed along a hitchpost, planting any number of White Pines, Sycamores, Pin Oaks (my job Upstairs besides love making); there should be a bridge o'yonder where I'll plant additional Red Buds and Siouxland Cottonwoods Looove to plant saplings and, if I'm goood on earth, I'll be gooder in Heaven. My point is this: for God, anything's possible; we all have our special touch that's absent when we aren't living for Heaven - and nobody can fill that space but YOU 5. We'll go hiking Upstairs in the mountains, skiing, dancing from the rafters, pool parties, river rafting, snowboarding, kayaking, roller-blading, bungee-jumping from the troposphere, into volcanoes, never getting hurt 6. There will be the MOST awesome, MOST spectacular roller-coaster-rides anywhere in the UNIVERSE. The Trinity showed me. Get this. The coaster'll cover TEN-THOUSAND-SQUARE-MILES, may be larger, and it'll shoot us to the stars and, at mach seven plus, we'll go SKREEEEEMIN' down! Fulla flips, turns, loop-de-loops, and all sorts of very cool stuff never before seen on this planet. The Trinity will have them all o'Heaven for me and you, too, if you desire it - actually, God will have an entire planet designed and devoted to literal Roller-Coaster rides, which you may jet to after an easy days work. Goggles are a maybe NOTE: you cannot live for the world and expect Heaven when you die: Jesus hates pussy-people, cafeteria-Christians who pickNchoose what to believe; be either living for Heaven 24/7 or living for Hell No inbetween and absolutely no freekin' losers who think, "O if I can just abort or be supporting homo'BOMBa without tellin, God won't notice" - precisely how you git into Hell. I found all this out when I returned from Upstairs 7. May have one OR more girls in the room Upstairs. Can't make love withem all and don't wanna; rather, I trust in God to lettum feeeeel all the warmthNpassion of just the two of us. That way, see, they ALL can receive the FULL-MIND-BLOWING-ORGASM lasting for hours and hours, months and months, yeeers and yeeers; beyond magnificent, beyond anything you have ever experienced because She's God and it'll never end (only for humble Christians) NOTE: If you desire it, you can have a partner that'll literally be eaten, no blood, no guts, but soft, delicious, wonderfull-delicacies keeping you enthralled for hours 12. Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks! Colours I ain't never seen, aren't even in this mortal spectrum, which will shoot-off from a fully-furnished tree-house, complete with a bar for drinks/fuzzy navels!! 13. The sun will go down just below the horizon to fill the sky withe most awe-inspiring-colours - turquoise mixed with peach and azure. Totally breath taking. It'll be like that every night, too, different sky, different colours. We'll have a spacious view, too, with big, picture windows overlooking the Misty Mountains; then, when we wake-up after a full nights rest, to some french toast, delicious pomagranite, SoBe, and as much baklava as we can handle, as the sun slowly creeps up to bring us another day together. She'll teach me to wok-on-water after I brush my teeth, of course 14. I'll practice Tai Chi with Jesus; I'll be verrry good. I'll have eternity 15. God will let me find out how-in-the-world sHe puts together those teeeny-weeeny-tiny insects; then, She'll lemme try. Just as Saint Joseph did for young Jesus in the carpenter's shop, I looove bugs, specially the weird, South American ones 37. She'll sit behind me and SheNi shall type on our PC a whole slewOstories about anything 'N every-thing: some earthly tales, some erotic, some adventure, some space battles like StarWars, but 969.69 nonillion times better, where I'd always kill the bad-guys, rescue the damsel-in-distress, and love for five weeks. On at 7 pm sharp for two hours. Don't wanna miss it 101. If that gets boring, we'll rise-up, literally, to not be conformed by a mattress 177,923. We won't have any BO or bad breath!! Think it through, desire everything!! That's EXACTLY whot God wants you to do! And, no, it isn't in the Bible; the Bible's just the tip-of-the-iceberg (want proof?? read John 21:25). The Word is Truth, God's power, but, yet, don't be conformed into thinking the Bible is all sHe sed. Desire more, desire everything. You can deny God/Satan all you want, people, and go your own way; however, you cannot deny the Divine Sentence Jesus pronounces after death Think. Know. Grow-up, literally.