Better find a New Lover: 3rdWay

Picture a square centimeter on a football field; now, picture 999,999,999... sextillion football fields. Which is our finite existence? Which is Heaven -or- the Abyss? And don't tell me you're an atheist, pal - doesn't work at your Final Judgment; Jesus won't take that pussy-whipped-excuse like a 'lucus a non lucendo' (Latin: any paradoxical or absurd derivation). Don't be ignorant, folks. Repent. Obey.
Your life depends on it.

  That whorizontal homosexual sed, “I don’t believe in the god you serve”, the woman in Kentucky should’ve sed, “Ah, then you’re going down: I have a God who doesn’t change His Rules to suit every whim and desire of a homo who breaks His Will. Next.” She is the Wosa Parks of today; furthermore, if you reeed the Bible [look-up the reeed which always bends, yet stays planted in the Trinity: 1 Corinthians 6:9-10] which few do anymore, you'll see He doesn't change: the Supreme Courtesian changes, like a jester who bounces around withe frilly hat, trying to entertain the foolish kings of this world - besides, she gotta lotta bawls, pal, which few MEN! do anymore... exactly why Jesus sez, "Many are called, but few are chosen (to go Upstairs)." endOstory...