As I told you before, we were in a wreckTANGLE not far from my house in '85 - we were hit by a truck going 70 in 35 (my gorgeous, wonderfull, indelible, bombastic sweetheart and I - Janet was DOA and...) I saw Heaven for a brief instant or a little less than a month. Dunno. That was a long time ago: I began looking not to the asymmetric whoremoans for my eternity but the Verticall; nevertheless, I began by calling myself a Dr. (I saw a realm which not many people see till they croak - worthy of a doctor status); kold_kadavr_flatliner (I was in 'Matre Dei' [Latin: 'Mother of God', a Catholic choirch on 8th] a few years ago and I saw an old woman lying in a casket... and voila!! I began to call myself that. kinda, sorta nasty, yet, what we do to ourselves and other human beings is just as nasty); and M.D. (i AM a Christian, celebrating the 'magna est veritas et praevaleBIT' [Latin: truth is mighty and shall prevail] - not a lil' BIT, but Jesus shall wipe allah them off the earth). While my memory's pretty much wiped-out by God, yet, I do in fact remember seeing a far-off city above the clouds; dunno who returned this sinfull mortal, yet, all I know from my 97.79% humble state I'm in, JEEE-sis!! (as the black, Southern baptists shout on a sweltering night in Mississippi - old Negros are cool) has requested I'm to win souls for God. N'dats whot I'm gonna do till the day I croak. God bless you.

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