If sow bugs loooooove to crawl under rocks to find safety from the world, I guess I'm a total-rolly-polly and Jesus is my ROCK: HOW LONG IS ETERNITY? Say the universe is as long as California (N2S), k? Furthermore, say the literal number 999999999... ran ALL the way upNdown that state in a Papyrus font. That alone would make anybody's soul pleased PRECISELY because you know FOR A FACT, JACK, that numeral would eventually come to an end, finally reach the epilogue. Not so with Hell: we ABHOR with a passion the horrors of the damned, just lookit SAW, yet! a lot of U.S. have an over-yearning, hatefull-weight of Jesus that both psychosomatically, psychologically deters us the satisfaction of knowing we're at peace with our Creator. Thus, the latter outweighs the former: the Liar can and will 'play' that to our detriment - he hates YOU with a passion, too, and SAW is forever, dude HOW LONG IS ETERNITY?? Our existence is exactly like a TRI-angle, however large or small our finite existence is, and the base is earth where we were born. Coo, baby. Everything's sauve and cool. Yet, as you grow older, the TWO sides eventually meet, the TWO ultimately converge, or it wouldn't be called a TRI-angle, it'd be called a wreck-tangle like what happened to us. A triangle grows together, nevertheless, the TRI-nity: exactly how God wants it, that's how God made us. Who can argue and fight the DudeMan?? Can you? Wow. I'd love to see you kick-His-ass. You're nuthin... more NUTHIN' if you sin. Better be humble, kid. You're not all that. Nevertheless, a stopping point is decided for all - our mortal demise. My point? Dunno. Just like toking bout TRI-angles because they're very mortal; we can rise-up into the hourglass for eternity!! And what a lovely hourglass She is --- In your Finite Existence, pick wisely wherest thou goest, k? Ain't no comin' back if you don't like it ('cept for moi, aussi and how I, through God's grace, will rescue souls from Hell, one-by-one [women first] - takes forever, man, because I gottawhooooolelotta lovin' to do Upstairs). And, believe-you-me, you won't after three seconds or less. God'll sayeth unto thee, 'Son, you made thy choice' Unbelievable how I see young adults who only lookit the superficial, never bothering to see the genuine, the substantial, adamantly refuse to look inside in this lost, forsaken CULT-ure of idols on your wimpy, god-like-TV. God does love U.S. passionate-ly; however, that doesn't take away our FREE WILL to turn away, descending into the passionate flames - whatever WE choose for our eternity, the Trinity will graciously bestow upon U.S. The blessed will not care what angle they're regarded from, having nothing to hide -W.H.Auden